Everything we do is for the protection of our clients.

We specialize in Accounts Receivable Management and Consulting and offer Investigate Research. Let us assist with your internal credit policies.
Our attorneys have the highest debt recovery ratios in the industry. Their success is directly related to the close interaction with their legal assistants and investigators.
We have a disciplined approach to recovering high-risk accounts. A timely recommendation for a lawsuit and superior legal handling is what we have to offer.

We are a client-centric commercial debt recovery service company. We are advocates and protectors of Creditors’ Rights and 100% of our efforts are for the Credit Grantors of the world. While we are a Texas based collection agency, we have a national and international reach. You can expect a much higher recovery rate and a higher standard of professionalism. We stand proudly behind these facts.

Trust Our Expertise

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of commercial debt collection services and recoveries and accounts receivable management in the industry. We are committed to bringing your company a very effective and practical solution to your accounts receivable consulting needs through hard work, dedication and our clear and consistent communication. We provide professionalism and efficiency to the commercial debt collection and recovery process. Our collection services are cost-effective; we do not charge you directly for our services. We work with our attorneys to have your debtors pay for our services!

We specialize in global commercial bad-debt recovery, assisting corporations of all sizes and industries. Our staff consists of attorneys, legal assistants, and investigators.

Our goal is to not just recover your monies from past-due customers but also to maintain the relationships you have with your clients which your sales-team worked so hard to get.

We provide hands on Attorney Assistance and Consultation.

  • Money is held in Attorney Trust Accounts.
  • Weekly Remits to all clients
  • A higher recovery rates by removing the Collection Agency.
  • Free Debtor Research

Up-stream / Down-stream, it doesn’t matter. We speak your language. If it has to do with your bottom-line, we understand the importance and urgency as A/R drives growth for all companies.

EXPECT clear and concise communication
EXPECT us to be an extension of your credit department
EXPECT legal advice from our Attorneys as you need it

For every 30 days an account remains dormant, it is 16% less likely to be collected.

– Study by the ACA

Our Lead Attorney

We understand that debt collection agencies and debt collection services are being utilized much less than in the past due to the wealth of knowledge on the web. We have seen personnel with third-party collection agency experience being brought to the corporate world even when companies have internal legal departments & collections departments. We feel something may still be missing from the equation to maximize its highest potential…that is where our staff comes in!
One of our Associate Attorneys can spend the entire work day with you and your staff discussing & implementing internal collection procedures. If your company needs an Attorney For-1-Day please call us to request an appointment and discuss your corporate needs.
(Attorney For-1-Day average cost for 8 hours is between $1,100-$1,800, depending on state or region)