A Client-Centric Agency

Bravo Recovery specializes in global commercial bad-debt recovery. We assist corporations of all sizes and industries with our staff of attorneys, legal assistants, and investigators. We are advocates and protectors of Creditors’ Rights and 100% of our efforts are for the creditors of the world.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of commercial collection recoveries and accounts receivables management in the industry. We are committed to bringing your company a very effective and practical solution through our hard work, dedication and communication skills – bringing to the table extreme efficiency and cost effective solutions to commercial debt collection.

  • Strengthen your contracts and credit application verbiage for added leverage for the unsecured creditor
  • Attorney assistance with your in-house collection flowchart timeline
  • We will share industry secrets to lower overall 3rd Party collection placements
  • Develop a proactive collections team to spot red-flags and act accordingly in order to secure your interest
  • Hourly rate level attorney attention at contingency rates

  • Your company having a strong knowledgeable accounts receivable team is our goal
  • Our Attorneys are available to speak with you anytime
  • We are your Global Commercial Collections Partner – Our Attorneys are Your Attorneys
  • Is it worth suing your debtor? We will explain why you should never jump into a lawsuit blindly
  • Do you need a Local Attorney to file suit for you? Let us know how we can help

  • We are here for the UNSECURED CREDITOR-we can help!
  • Global Attorney Commercial Collections and A/R Consulting
  • Achieve the highest level of return on commercial collections-PERIOD!
  • Early-Out A/R Programs to Pre-Litigation to Post-Judgment Recovery Activity
  • We are experts at streamlining commercial receivables

We specialize in accounts receivable management and consulting. Let us assist with your internal credit policies or personal guarantee protection / leverage / contracts.

We offer financial investigative research including skip tracing and debtor awareness programs. We can help with early out programs for cash injection with client retention.

We will help improve your DSO, resulting in improved cash-flow and bottom line.

Our commercial collection attorneys, Houston and Global, have the highest debt-recovery ratios in the industry. Their commercial debt recovery is due to their unremitting diligence in using multiple methods to make contact and apply pressure to get your company to the top of the list. They utilize skip tracing, social media investigations, state business filing histories, and work with local investigators and in house legal assistants.

This collaboration and persistence enables our company to either obtain immediate payment in full on your behalf or to establish acceptable payment terms with the debtor with your authorization.

If needed, we can recover your money without compromising current business relationships.

We have a disciplined approach to recovering high-risk accounts. A timely recommendation for a lawsuit and superior legal handling is what we have to offer.

Decisive decision-making on commercial debtors that have refused to pay is key. We’ll work with you as a team and guide you towards your goal of recovering lost money.

Nothing is guaranteed in litigation, but the more you know the better off you are.