An Extension of Your Credit & Collections Department

We understand how difficult it is locating a great commercial collections partner that best fits your business philosophy. At times, it could even be extremely frustrating and a bit intimidating. Our commercial attorneys work on a contingency basis. You will never receive an invoice from us requesting “hourly” fees.

Our job is to recover your money with the highest level of professionalism and the lowest cost to you.

Accounts Receivable Solutions

We specialize in Accounts Receivable Management and Consulting. Let us assist you in fine-tuning your internal credit policies or personal guarantee protection / leverage / contracts.

We offer Financial Investigative Research on your customer (to gauge credit/suit-worthiness), including Skip Tracing & Debtor Awareness Programs. We can help with early out programs for cash injection with client retention.

We will help improve your DSO, resulting in improved cash-flow and bottom-line.

Commercial Collections

The attorneys we work with have the highest debt-recovery ratios in the industry. Their commercial debt recovery is due to their unremitting diligence in using multiple methods to make contact and apply pressure to get your company to the top of the list. They utilize skip tracing, social media investigations, state business filing histories, and work with local investigators and in house legal assistants.

This collaboration and persistence enables your company to either obtain immediate payment in full or to establish acceptable payment terms with the debtor.

If needed, we can recover your money without compromising current business relationships.


We have a disciplined and demonstrably proven approach to recovering high-risk accounts. While our specialty is pre-litigation collections our office in conjunction with our attorneys will provide a timely recommendation for a lawsuit when necessary. We walk you through the process from filing, to civil judgment to judgment execution. Superior legal handling is what we are proud to offer.

Decision-making on commercial debtors that have refused to pay is key. We’ll work with you as a team and guide you towards your goal of recovering lost money.

Nothing is guaranteed in litigation, but the more you know the better off you are.

We can help improve your bottom line

  • Bravo Recovery has the knowledge and expertise in balancing your A/R with proper recommendations and actions.
  • Need an Attorney For-1-Day? Please feel free to call us for an appointment at 713.388.6345.
Communication is key in all relationships; it is imperative and we understand that. Clear and concise status reports are essential to all of our clients. Excel status reports will be emailed to you on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.
  • Status Reports on current inventory
  • Legal Recommendations
We are able to assist you with much more than collections on credit accounts, including NSF check recovery, credit card charge backs, pre-repossession activity for assets, trailers and even farming and heavy equipment.
  • Attorney Representation with no up-front costs or contracts
  • A timely recommendation for suit and superior legal handling
  • Weekly Remits for all clients
  • FREE Research on Your Debtor – Debtor Awareness Program
Uniform application of recovery procedures with strict adherence to proven commercial collection attorney techniques, a disciplined approach to recovering high risk collection items, is our specialty.
The industry average recovery yield (Dollars Placed vs. Dollars Recovered) for collection agencies runs 12%-15%.

Bravo Recovery averages a 43% yield for our clients. Some of our clients even experience an 80%-90% recovery rate.