In-House Solutions For Your Company

  • Bravo is here to make your internal department/procedures stronger
  • Bravo is here to help you gain leverage and lower 3rd Party collection placements
  • Bravo is here to boost your bottom-line and your cash-flow
  • Bravo is here to be your counselor and Collections Partner when needed.
Our role is more like a big brother that is on the lookout for the neighborhood bully. Our staff is simply here to be an extension of your internal team and discuss the topics needed to be discussed at that particular time, for your protection. Most collection placements are from unsecured creditors that have waited too long to act on a delinquent customer or customers.

Sometimes by the time we are involved, they are out-of-business and simply too late to recover. We are here as protectors and educators to help alleviate and also lower the number of those scenarios or situations that are detrimental to your cash-flow. Your company is not F.D.I.C. insured. You are not a bank. Do not be treated like one!

A Bravo Tip for you

Think about taking the proper internal steps to secure your interest. We can start by at-least having a Personal Guarantee spot for signature on your Credit Applications; enforce it on a case-by-case basis if needed but at least have it on your credit applications.

Being an unsecured credit grantor, you need all the ammo you can get! A personal guarantee will not collect itself. You would still have to tactfully discuss options with your customer and try your hardest to recover your monies in-house. Most importantly, don’t wait until your customer has gone out of business!

Small Business SupportSmall Business Support

Need credit and collections procedures, flow-charts, credit application samples or just proper legal verbiage for your contracts? Call and speak to one of our experts anytime, or setup and appointment to visit our office in the River Oaks/Upper Kirby area.

Running a business is tough and having the proper trustworthy team in place is imperative for the success of your company. Accounts Receivable is an intricate part of all corporations; no matter how big or small they may be, it is the engine of the company and what keeps it alive.

  • Request a credit application to be filled out by your customer. Don’t have a sample application? Call us, we’ll help you.
  • Request credit references and update them every 6 months – especially on high-dollar credit accounts
  • Notice the red flags early enough – stopped buying, stopped communicating and stopped paying
  • Give yourself a chance and place your delinquent customer with your 3rd-party agency sooner than later

When a small business is hit with a non-paying customer, it is so important to act and move fast for the purpose of increasing the probability of that receivable getting recovered. If you remain open to these professional suggestions you’ll be alright. And remember, you are not a bank. Don’t let anybody treat you like one!

Medium Sized Companies = The Growing Company

A medium sized company to us means a company that is growing, essentially having more employees, a higher cost of expense and more revenue. We have noticed that with such growth patterns, sometimes A/R gets put aside and officers of the company are having to fry bigger fish, per-say. This is dangerous indeed. The bigger the company, the more they need for receivables to be a priority – your receivables is what drives the company.

The bigger your company, the more proactive you’ll need to be.

The fast growing company sometimes does not have the time nor the staff to manage their A/R, and falls to the wayside. Again, this is an extremely dangerous situation because it can quickly become an issue when you least expect it. Bravo Recovery can handle those growing pains and assist in managing your receivables, from day one of the balance being due to 3rd party collections to litigation, if needed. Our attorneys will be hands on every step of the way in securing your interests.

  • Early Out Programs – for immediate cash injections with client retention
  • We can be your A/R Department – Outsource to Bravo
  • Bi-weekly / Monthly Excel Status Reports
  • Weekly Remits – Constant cash injection

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Early-Out Programs, please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our experts. Our Attorneys are Your Attorneys!

Acquisitions and Mergers have you tied up?

Assuming the liabilities in a merger or acquisition is simply more work for the accounting staff, and at times not worth the hiring of extra bodies. Bravo Recovery can assist in these areas and help with the liquidation and client-retention of those receivables.

Looking for a new Attorney Driven Collections Partner?

We recover our clients monies with our accelerated Pre-Litigation Process which has been perfected with our decades of experience as Creditors’ Rights Professionals. This process is somewhat similar to what your typical collection agency might use, only exceeding it in every way possible. From Pre-Litigation Collections to actual Litigation, our attorneys will be right at your side.

  • Our highly trained team members have the most up-to-date technology at their fingertips to ensure efficient and secure management of your portfolio
  • Our team of seasoned attorneys, legal assistants and investigators are heavily trained and versed in your industry
  • All collection placements will be touched by attorney, legal assistant and investigator
  • We do not hold your money. Bravo remits weekly to all clients

Your Bravo Team will improve your D.S.O., only resulting in improved cash-flow and enhanced profits.

Saving Solutions

When it comes to all receivables, time is truly of the essence. We tend to sound like a broken record; however we see thousands of companies go out of business and it is usually due to lack of cash-flow.

Most of their cash was literally just sitting there, needing to be called on and collected. Not having a healthy A/R is a very unfavorable situation to deal with. Call us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you are not sure where to even begin. Lets talk!

What is YOUR internal recovery process?

We are here to make your accounting staff stronger and more aware of their environment. Let us help review your in-house policies and procedures to ultimately lower your outside collection placements.