Debt Recovery Solution: Pre-Collect Services/CARE

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Leverage Debt Recovery Solution for Your Most Challenging Accounts Receivable Issues

When it comes to accounts that have been delinquent for 60, 90, or even 120 days, our Debt Recovery Solution – known as the Commercial Accounts Receivable Express system (CARE) – stands out as a premier “first line” pre-collection strategy. With CARE, clients are empowered to adopt a forward-thinking approach to debt recovery. The intuitive online interface of this debt recovery solution allows users to initiate collection activities based on their individual preferences.

Affordable Fixed Rates

The brilliance of CARE lies in its transparent pricing. Regardless of whether the outstanding balance is $1,000 or $10,000, accounts managed through CARE come with a consistent, flat fee.

Choosing our debt recovery solution ensures:

  • Preservation of valuable customer relationships.
  • Enhanced cash flow.
  • Significant reduction in DSO.
  • Elevated debt liquidation rates.
  • Halved recovery expenses!

In the contemporary financial landscape marked by the mantra “Do more with less,” over 500 businesses – including some of the global giants – have integrated CARE into their debt recovery framework. Join the revolution and optimize your pre-collection service.