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Streamlined Solutions for Recovering Debt

Bravo Recovery is your go-to solution for managing business debts and improving your company’s financial health. We understand the unique challenges you face when it comes to debt recovery, and our collection agency services are designed to provide effective and practical solutions. As a leading collection agency with global reach, our services extend far, ensuring success no matter where you do business.

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We specialize in a broad range of services that cater to businesses of all sizes

Our core services include commercial collection recoveries, A/R management services, and debt recovery consultations. Backed by over one hundred years’ worth of combined experience, these services are designed to maximize the likelihood of successful debt recovery.

Don’t let unpaid debts hinder your business’s growth. Explore our comprehensive array of services to find the solutions that best suit your needs. Let us join you on your journey toward financial stability and experience firsthand the beneficial impacts our services can have on your business trajectory.

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Our Collection Agency Services

Comprehensive Debt Recovery Solutions By Bravo Recovery

We understand that each business faces distinct financial challenges. Our suite of services is meticulously designed to address a spectrum of debt recovery challenges, offering everything from initial advice and consultation to the execution of comprehensive recovery strategies. We tailor our collection agency’s services to meet the unique demands of each client, ensuring that every aspect of the debt recovery process is managed with professionalism and precision. We invite you to explore the diverse range of services that make our collection agency the premier choice for businesses seeking to safeguard their interests and enhance their financial horizons.

Bravo Recovery specializes in commercial collection services catering to businesses aiming to recover debts from other businesses. Our service is tailored for the complexities of B2B debt recovery, understanding the significant sums and intricate agreements involved. With a seasoned team well-versed in commercial law and debt recovery strategies, we employ a rigorous approach to maximize recovery rates while preserving client relationships.

In commercial collections, Bravo Recovery stands out through personalized strategies and advanced negotiation techniques. Leveraging our business insights, financial acumen, and legal expertise, we ethically recover commercial debts, reinforcing client financial stability and commercial success.

Our structured process involves assessment, planning, pursuit, and legal action as necessary. With first-party and third-party collection options, each phase is executed meticulously to provide top-notch service. Trust Bravo Recovery for your commercial collection needs and experience our expertise, dedication, and track record in transforming debt recovery challenges into opportunities for financial growth and stability.

First-party collection refers to the initial phase of debt recovery, usually carried out by the business or creditor themselves before the debt is written off. This process often involves sending reminders, making phone calls, and leveraging various communication channels to retrieve the unpaid balance from the debtor.

However, first-party collection can be challenging and time-consuming. This is where Bravo Recovery can be of immense help. As a leading collection agency, we provide comprehensive first-party collection agency services. Our experienced team takes on the task of recovering your debts while you focus on running your business. Leveraging diplomatic negotiation techniques, robust technology, and a deep understanding of collection laws, we aim to recover your debts swiftly and professionally.

Our approach is designed to protect your business relationships while maintaining a respectful and professional demeanor with your clients throughout the process. Our goal is not just to collect your debts but to transform these financial liabilities into opportunities for growth. Trust us to manage your first-party collection, and let us support your journey toward financial stability and success.

Third-party collection is a process where an external agency, separate from the original business or creditor, is assigned to recover the unpaid debts. After the first-party collection efforts have been exhausted, businesses often turn to third-party collection agencies to retrieve their outstanding debts, typically for a fee or a percentage of the recovered amount.

Part of our collection agency services include third-party collection designed to alleviate the burden of debt recovery. Our team of experts, equipped with a profound understanding of local and international collection laws, is committed to recovering your debts in a professional and respectful manner. When you work with Bravo Recovery, you have access to the largest commercial collection agency in North America. We utilize advanced technology and proven negotiation strategies to maximize the likelihood of successful debt recovery.

Teaming up with our collection agency can save your businesses’ accounts receivable department valuable time and resources. Instead of diverting your focus from essential business operations to handle debt collection, entrust this task to us. We are committed to converting your financial liabilities into opportunities, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

International B2B (business-to-business) collections involve the process of a business recovering its debts from another business located in a different country. This type of collection can be complex due to variances in international laws, currency exchange rates, and cultural differences.

Bravo Recovery has expertise in handling international B2B collections. Our team of professionals is adept at understanding and navigating the complexities of international debt recovery whilst adhering to international laws and standards.

Through our collection agency services, we help businesses recover their debts across borders without having to deal with the daunting intricacies of international debt recovery themselves. Our goal is to make the debt recovery process seamless and efficient, thus helping businesses maintain their cash flow and financial stability.

Flat fee collection offers a cost-effective debt recovery solution, providing accessible collection services for businesses of all sizes. Businesses pay a set fee for each account placed for collection rather than a percentage-based commission upon collection. This model provides businesses with a predictable cost structure and can often motivate quicker payment from debtors who wish to avoid escalating to more intensive collection activities.

Bravo Recovery offers a $50 flat fee pre-collection service that is designed to not only reduce the expenses associated with traditional debt recovery but also provide exceptional value to our clients. Our flat fee service is engineered to expedite the resolution of accounts, bypassing the inflated costs that typically come with engaging a third-party agency. With our innovative single flat-fee structure, the cost to collect on an invoice averages less than 1% of the invoice balance, making it an incredibly cost-effective solution for our clients.

Our flat fee service allows businesses to enjoy a sizable reduction in collection expenditures while simultaneously ensuring swift and amicable reconciliation of accounts. This not only safeguards valuable client relationships but also preserves the integrity and reputation of your business. When you partner with us, you can rest assured knowing that your debt recovery needs will be handled with the utmost professionalism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the growth and success of your business.

Business credit reports are a vital tool for companies of all sizes, from budding small businesses to expansive corporate giants. These reports provide crucial insights into the creditworthiness of potential clients or partners, reducing the risk of financial arrangements with entities that may not fulfill their obligations.

At Bravo Recovery, we understand the importance of solid financial decision-making. Our business credit reports offer detailed evaluations, including a company’s payment history, credit limit recommendations, and overall credit score. This data empowers you to make informed choices about who you do business with and under what terms.

With our business credit reports, clients gain the leverage they need to negotiate better payment terms, identify potential risk factors before they become problematic, and maintain a healthy cash flow. By equipping your business with our comprehensive credit insights, you can safeguard your operations against unforeseen financial setbacks, ensuring stability and paving the way for future growth and success.

Asset & Liability Investigative Reports

Bravo Recovery’s suite of services includes a wide range of offerings designed to meet the unique needs of businesses navigating mergers, acquisitions, or forming new partnerships. Our team of highly skilled private investigators conducts thorough asset and liability investigative reports, providing you with in-depth background information that can be instrumental in protecting your investments during these delicate transactions.

Our investigative process is meticulous and tailored to uncover the financial health and stability of potential partners or acquisition targets. We go beyond surface-level information, delving deep into financial records, asset searches, and liability assessments. This comprehensive approach ensures that you have a clear and accurate understanding of whom you’re doing business with, allowing you to make informed decisions and engage in strategic planning.

By utilizing our services, you can safeguard your company’s interests every step of the way. We understand the importance of having reliable and actionable information, which is why our reports are designed to provide you with the necessary insights and analysis to support your decision-making process.


Bravo Recovery takes pride in offering a robust legal support structure for instances where litigation becomes necessary. Underpinning this service is our legal forwarding team, composed of seasoned legal professionals who seamlessly coordinate with a network of attorneys specifically chosen for their expertise in debt recovery. Our legal team initiates the legal process with precision and assertive action, ensuring that all legal avenues are explored to secure the best possible outcome for your business’s financial interests.

In concert with our legal partners, we meticulously manage the entire litigation process, from the drafting and filing of lawsuits to representation in court. Our emphasis lies in not only recovering your assets but also in minimizing the impact litigation may have on your operations and business relationships.

Working with our collection agency, clients can rest assured, knowing they have a formidable legal force at their disposal. Our expert team is ready to implement the most effective strategies for debt recovery and litigation management, meticulously analyzing each case to tailor our approach to the unique needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to delivering the best possible outcomes, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

First-Party Collection Staffing and Recruiting

At Bravo Recovery, we understand that the foundation of effective first-party collections lies in the quality of the team managing these efforts. That’s why we also specialize in recruiting and staffing services tailored specifically for first-party collection roles within your business. Our unique position in the debt recovery industry allows us to identify and attract top talent skilled in navigating the sensitive nature of debt collection while maintaining your valued customer relationships.

Our recruiting process is rigorous and designed to ensure that only candidates with a proven track record in effective communication, negotiation, and empathy are presented to your business. We look for individuals with the right skills and those who fit into your company’s culture and values. This approach ensures that your in-house first-party collection team is not just proficient in debt recovery but is also dedicated to upholding your brand’s reputation. With our staffing services, your business can benefit from:

  • Access to a Wide Talent Pool: Our extensive network within the financial services and collection industry provides access to a diverse range of candidates.

  • Customized Recruitment Strategies: We tailor our recruitment methods based on your specific needs, ensuring that the professionals we place are the best fit for your organization.

  • Training and Development: Candidates come prepared with the latest industry knowledge and are continually supported with training and development opportunities to stay ahead in effective collection practices.

Invest in your first-party collections by choosing Bravo Recovery’s recruiting and staffing services. Strengthen your team with professionals who are committed to achieving your recovery goals while preserving the integrity of your customer relationships.

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Local Roots, Global Reach: Bravo’s Service Areas

Unmatched Debt Recovery Expertise Across the Nation

At Bravo Recovery, we proudly serve businesses of all sizes across the nation. Ensuring that wherever your business is located, quality collection agency services are always within reach. Whether your debtor is close by or across international waters, our reach is as expansive as your business requires. With a deep understanding of local laws and the complexities of international debt collection, we are fully prepared to recover your assets. Wherever your debt recovery needs may lie, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service. No matter the location or industry, our commitment remains steadfast—to recover your assets efficiently, ethically, and with the professional diligence you deserve.

Restoring Financial Equilibrium

Customized Collection Strategies for Optimal Recovery

When it comes to securing your business’s financial health, Bravo Recovery stands out with a suite of business debt collection services designed to optimize your credit management. Our first-party collection services establish a direct link between your business and delinquent accounts, making the process more personal and efficient. With our flat fee collection, you’ll enjoy a straightforward pricing model with no surprises, giving you control over your collection costs. 

For those particularly challenging cases, our third-party collection brings in our seasoned experts to navigate delicate negotiations, always mindful of your business’s reputation. Moreover, we tap into cutting-edge technology and extensive global networks to provide you with international B2B collection support like no other. Round out your financial portfolio with our business credit reports powered by data, ensuring that you extend credit wisely and protect your bottom line.

For businesses looking to ensure financial stability, choosing to work with us for debt recovery is a smart decision. Our tailored approach means that each client receives a personalized strategy, leveraging the power of industry-leading expertise without the impersonal touch of larger, less flexible firms. 

We prioritize your ease of access to our services and work diligently to safeguard your reputation throughout the recovery process. With Bravo Recovery, companies can recoup outstanding debts in a manner that is not only efficient but also aligns with the ethical standards expected in today’s corporate landscape. Choose to work with our collection agency and secure peace of mind. We don’t just collect debts–we build bridges that strengthen your financial foundation.

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